Ryan Hayward

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Conestoga College
Service Industry, Bartending Tips And Tricks, Fun Family Recipes
  • Ryan has over 20 years of experience working in restaurants.
  • During his time as a bartender in some of Ontario's busiest pubs, he created fun and unique cocktails with a focus on style and presentation.
  • He specializes in the art of barroom small talk.


Ryan has spent the better half of two decades working in every aspect of the restaurant industry. From busser to wait staff, kitchen help, bartender, and general manager, he has learned the ins and outs of the profession. Now, Ryan has stepped out from behind the bar and has found a passion for writing about anything related to food. Digging deep into what makes popular recipes, celebrity chefs, and the food industry tick, he hopes to continue exploring everything this delicious industry has to offer.


Ryan received his diploma in business with special attention to accounting, marketing, and sales.

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