Money Red Flags To Look Out For If You're Dating A Sagittarius

The ultimate life of the party, a Sagittarius can liven up any room they walk into. Their extroverted, honest personalities can bring spontaneity to their romantic relationships — a definite green flag. Of course, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. When it comes to money, Sagittarians aren't exactly known for their frugality. They'll constantly splurge on you and treat you like royalty — and will keep doing so until their pockets are empty. Even if your partner doesn't have a Sagittarius sun sign, having other Sagittarius placements on their birth chart, particularly in Jupiter, Venus, and Mars, might make them prone to these bad habits. If you don't know your partner's chart, enter their birth date and time into a birth chart calculator to find out. It's worth noting that many of these money red flags can be found in anyone, regardless of their sign. However, Sagittarians can be more likely to engage in these behaviors, especially if they haven't worked on their personal growth or self-awareness.


Spending their money on frivolous things

While all the gifts your Sagittarius buys for you might seem cute at first, it can go downhill really fast. On a first date, they're the type to take you to a roller rink, arcade, escape room, or anything else you said you'd never tried before — and no, you won't have to pay. For the first month or two, it'll seem like a dream come true. When time goes on and the activities they splurge on get more and more expensive, with no regard towards their personal finances, that's when you need to worry. Sure, skydiving is fun, but nobody can afford to do it five times in one year.


A Sagittarius can get distracted by all the fun they're having and forget about the "boring" financial side of it all. Try gently confronting them on the matter. Reassure them that you love all of these new experiences just as much as they do, but that it's more special when you do it less often. It's nice to receive gifts, but someone who drains their savings on big presents and adventures without a second thought might not be a viable long-term partner.

Forgetting to pay you back

Face it — everyone's been there. Whether it slipped your mind to Venmo your friend for the Chipotle burrito they bought for you, or your friend still hasn't paid you back for the $100 you loaned them last month, you've probably been in this situation at some point or another. If your Sagittarius has forgotten to pay back the five bucks you lent them, it's not a red flag, especially if they promptly repay you after being reminded. But doing it over and over again, with larger sums of money, is a definite cause for concern.


Sagittarians can be forgetful and tend to prioritize their excitement over other people's needs. They might book a plane ticket to their next destination, ask to borrow some cash for it, and forget about the trip (and the money) until the day before the flight. If they continue to be forgetful about their loans — both with you and with others — that's a big red flag.

Not having an emergency fund

Sagittarians are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of sign. This trait is perfect for spontaneous weekend getaways, but not so much for long-term financial planning. They prefer to live in the moment; something as abstract as a potential emergency that hasn't even happened yet can be easily deemed irrelevant by the carefree Sagittarius. That is, until disaster does strike, and they're left with nothing.


Having an emergency fund is an absolute must for any long-term partner. When your significant other is an impulsive Sagittarius, you must be direct and upfront about this as soon as possible. Sagittarians can save their money; they just need to make sure that that fun-loving energy doesn't extend so far that they forget to manage their money responsibly. If your Sagittarius doesn't have an emergency fund, make it known just how important this is to you. If they brush off your concerns and continue not to save, it's a red flag.

Disorganized finances

Disorganized finances are a silent killer. Spending on big purchases is one thing — if your bank account takes a hit, at least you'll have something to point to. But losing track of various subscriptions, forgetting to check monthly bank statements, and not sticking to a set budget can all add up to a dire financial situation. Sagittarians are all too familiar with this. They get excited by the latest niche streaming service, subscribe to watch one movie, and then completely forget about it until they're hit with their fifth bill. A partner with disorganized finances is a red flag, especially if you want to have a joint account with them in the future. Look out for this trait in your Sagittarius. If they have piles of unopened bank statements in the recycling bin, it's not a good sign. This can be worked on, as with all bad habits, but make sure that they are willing to work on it.


Not speaking about finances

This is a huge red flag that should immediately sound off your alarm bells when it comes to any potential partner. A silent Sagittarius in particular definitely means that something isn't right. They tend to be enthusiastic chatterboxes, so if they're shutting you down when you ask about their finances, it's a bad sign. Whatever is amiss will depend completely upon the individual in question. Sagittarians are adrenaline junkies, though, so they could be hiding anything from an ultra-expensive getaway to a gambling problem.


Whatever you do, don't let this issue fester. One of Sagittarius's green flags is their honesty, and they'd appreciate an open and nonjudgmental conversation with their partner. If they continue to be cagey, however, you might want to reconsider the relationship. Such secretive behavior will damage your relationship's viability in the long run, and when it comes from a sign as authentic as Sagittarius, it's a glaring red flag.