The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Go Broke

Have a bad spending habit that you can't seem to break? If you've already tried everything and nothing seems to stick, it may be time for you to look to the stars. Though your sun sign doesn't hold all of the answers, it can give you some hints as to why money seems to just slip through your fingers. With Libras having expensive taste and Sagittarians impulse-buying supplies for their latest hobby, certain signs are a bit more likely to go broke than others.


If you're on this list, there's no need to panic — you're probably not going to go bankrupt any time soon. Astrology lovers of all signs can benefit from adjusting their spending habits to their sign's specific needs. Remember, your sun sign doesn't define your entire personality or fate. If you're interested in learning more about astrology, plug in your birth date and time to a birth chart calculator.


If there's one thing a Libra loves, it's luxury. High fashion, art, design — if it'll burn a hole in the wallet of anyone who makes less than six figures, it has a special place in Libra's heart. There's nothing wrong with having expensive taste if you're in a high tax bracket, but it can seriously leave you broke otherwise.


Represented by the scales, Libras are valued by their loved ones for their nuanced approach to life. There's nothing wrong with being a problem-solver — in fact, it can boost Libra's money-making potential — but this natural talent can turn into people-pleasing when left unchecked. Not to mention that Libras can be indecisive in their own lives. Diplomacy is great and all, but when you're a yes-person who still hasn't gotten back the cash you lent to a friend way back when, you might want to reconsider.

If you're a Libra, thrifting is now your new best friend. It might take a while, but second-hand vintage garments and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces can be found at a thrift shop near you, for half the price. Also, learn to say no. It can never hurt.



Arians have so much ambition and optimism that it leaves no room for basic practicality. They have a certain swagger that no other sign can match, and they'll walk with their head held high all the way into debt. It's not that they have trouble making money; Aries is a total go-getter. It's just that they'd spend all their newly earned cash on plastic flamingos and garden gnomes if you dared them to. Like all fire signs, Aries has a taste for adventure, a total daredevil down to the bone. As the first sign of the zodiac (and therefore the most naive), Aries is a figure-it-out-along-the-way type of person. Sometimes, this works in their favor. Other times, they end up broke with a lawn strewn with tchotchkes.


If you're an Aries, take a long, deep breath before making any big decisions with your money. You don't have to dive headfirst into things. Recklessness isn't the same as excitement; you can still get that hit of dopamine if you take your time with things.


Cancers have a kind, affectionate nature that benefits everyone but themselves. Unlike Libra and Aries, Cancer isn't the type to carelessly spend money. On the contrary, they care so much that they'll overspend on gifts for other people, completely forgetting about the budget they swore they'd stick by this year. They're also less inclined towards high-earning careers, gravitating more towards the domestic sphere, or jobs that involve caretaking in some shape or form. There's nothing wrong with being family and home-oriented, and you definitely don't need to be a billionaire to cultivate contentment. But when you have difficulty sticking up for yourself and listening to your own needs, a problem forms. Cancer absolutely hates head-on conflict and anything that resembles it. If they need a raise, they'll drop hints so subtle that even they can barely detect them, and then get mad when nobody else picks up on it.


Obviously, this isn't sustainable. If you're a Cancer, you need to listen to your own needs. Ask for that raise. Stick by that budget. Also, maybe try your hand at arts and crafts the next time a friend's birthday rolls around. It's just as (if not more) thoughtful and heartfelt as splurging on something pricey.


Sagittarians have a fiery and energetic nature that doesn't particularly lend itself well to saving, no matter how magnetic it might be. This is a mutable sign (like Gemini and Pisces), meaning that they're more adaptable than other signs in the zodiac. This flexibility can, of course, be an incredible asset. But once a fire sign, always a fire sign. This element can turn that lucky penchant for adaptability into impulsivity as quickly as you can say "flaky." Sagittarius is likely to splurge on a new venture and completely forget about it the next day. Plus, their trademark brutal honesty and capriciousness make it fairly difficult to network within their chosen industry.


If you're a Sagittarius, don't fret — you're really a force to be reckoned with. Your vivaciousness and enthusiasm will take you far, so long as you're able to focus it on a true passion project. Having a more solid, stable friend will help to keep you grounded.


Virgos are tricky. As is the case with practical earth signs, Virgos usually know how to budget their money accordingly. Virgos, however, have one big weakness: their perfectionism. While this can work in their favor, it can just as easily be their downfall. If they're meticulous with their finances, then they're golden. But if they're more image-obsessed, with the need to have a perfect home or cook perfect meals, they'll end up draining their bank account just to keep up appearances. 


What an individual Virgo directs their perfectionism towards will depend completely upon the person and their unique birth chart. Still, it's likely that Virgos will spend unnecessarily large amounts of money on the pointless pursuit of perfection if left unchecked. If they find themselves in a job that they love, but with little financial reward, they might stick it out longer than other signs. Similarly to Cancer, they can be so focused on playing the part of the perfect role model figure for others that they lose themselves in the process.

If you're a Virgo, you need to accept your own shortcomings. Working on yourself is a lifelong process; it's not a problem you can solve by throwing cash at it. Your loved ones love you for who you are, not for the person you might pretend to be.