Here's When To Buy A New iPhone If You Want The Best Price

As of this writing, the latest and greatest iPhone to hit the market is iPhone 15 Pro. It can be pretty tempting to purchase the newest model, especially when Apple is marketing it as "the ultimate iPhone." On the surface, this new phone has all the cutting-edge tech you'll need to navigate life in the 21st Century. It's the first iPhone made out of titanium, it's got seven pro lenses, and it's being sold for as low as $999. While this isn't the top-tier model, the newest iPhone with many of its perks costs under $1,000. While some might not even feel the bite, there's typically a better time to buy a new iPhone than the second it hits the shelves.


If you've still got your eye on that iPhone 15 Pro but don't want to break the bank, don't panic. Remember, haste makes waste. If you want to buy an iPhone for a good price, you'll need to bide your time. Don't fill that shopping cart just yet.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

As with most companies, Apple participates in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals aren't just on those two days — they last through the whole weekend, giving you plenty of time to peruse. While the exact discounts aren't published until shortly before the events, the company's deals typically follow a certain pattern. In 2022, they offered select items at a slightly lower price point. For example, the brand offered 2nd Gen AirPods for $189 rather than $249. So, it's safe to assume that they'll offer similar deals this year.


Unfortunately, there's a catch. The biggest Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals from Apple aren't from discounts on individual products, but from the gift cards they give out along with every full-price purchase. In 2022, they were worth up to $250. If you were to apply that to your iPhone 15 Pro purchase, that would bring you down to about $750, minus shipping. It's pretty unlikely that Apple will immediately offer a discount on its newest product, so this may be your best bet.

Wait until September

Though it can be tempting to buy the latest iPhone ASAP, Apple can get pretty stingy with their deals. Even if you go through a third party like Amazon and take advantage of Prime Day, it's unlikely that you'll be able to get a good deal on the newest iPhone model. It's impossible to do in the U.S., and very, very difficult to do in the U.K.


If you came up emptyhanded on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and couldn't score a Prime Day deal, then you might just want to wait until the next September rolls around. Since Apple usually releases their latest iPhones that month, the prices for the previous model tend to drop. While it won't be the most current version, it'll still be new, effective, and much cheaper. If you're still concerned about price, Apple offers monthly installment plans with a 0% APR installment with the Apple Card.